Would you like to be more confident and comfortable in using best practices to engage, communicate, and motivate?

I provide coaching and training in four main areas to help you and your team offer the best possible services to the families, staff, and communities you support:
Effective Communication
Effective communication requires self-awareness and empathy. I help you improve your ability to communicate with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and social styles. 
Evidence-Based Practice
Evidence-based models are demonstrated by research to be more effective. I support you in thinking through which models to adopt and how to implement them to achieve desired outcomes.
Supporting Engagement
Let’s work together to expand the capacity of your team members to join with people in need to support their engagement, foster behavior change, and empower them to achieve their own goals.
Toxic Stress & Resiliency

Trauma can harm the brain and increase the risk of disease, dangerous behavior, incarceration, and early death. Let me partner with you to cultivate protective factors and build wellness skills that enhance resiliency.


Rachel Galanter, LLC engages learners with interactivity, empathy, and humor to nurture their growth and skillfulness.

As a facilitator, I am responsible for:

grounding us in cultural humility to support effective cross-cultural communication

creating a nonjudgmental space for practice, feedback, and self-reflection

explaining material by using examples and images that resonate with learners

providing feedback and coaching to help shape skills

addressing the needs of all kinds of learners with all kinds of activities

continuing my own learning and incorporating feedback

As learners, you will be supported in:

blending and tailoring best practices to be culturally responsive

enhancing balance and self-care

expanding your comfort and confidence

reminding yourself of your own wisdom

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Finding a space for growth

Jews tell a story about the child of a rabbi who preferred praying alone in the woods to praying in the temple. The rabbi worried both for the child's safety and because he felt the child was not truly engaging in prayer.

When the rabbi asked the child "Why do you go to the forest?" The child replied, “To be in the presence of the divine.” The rabbi said, “I’m happy that you search for a connection with something beyond yourself, but you don’t need to go to the woods. The source of life is the same everywhere.” The child responded, “Yes, but am different.”

The child had the self-knowledge to seek out reflective spaces so they could forge their own path.  Join me in a nonjudgmental space where you can explore the ways you want to communicate.

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