“Thank you so much for all you're doing to make this engaging, friendly, a safe space, interactive, and practical!” – Stacey, Public School Forum of NC

“Thank you for a wonderful training! Rachel facilitated the workshop in an extremely engaging, fun, and informative manner.” –Brandon, Orange County 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trainings…. There were lots of times to interact and this kept me engaged.”
–Shakita, Partnership for Children 

“I loved learning about this topic in greater detail…. I also want to add that I loved learning some amazing techniques on Zoom and being able to try them out, i.e., annotating and being more interactive! Rachel is a great trainer! She kept us active and that was perfect!” 
– Renae, Child Care Resources

What does Paula Poundstone have to say about Rachel?

Maybe instead of quotes from actual participants in Rachel's past trainings like Stacey and Brandon, you'd like to hear what someone famous has to say. No judgment--when someone with a positive public image speaks well of something, it reassures you that you aren't alone in liking it. We all need validation. And Paula Poundstone is just fun to listen to.

“I am really enjoying this training and am starting to feel much more confident in my skills.” 
– Meredith, Partnership for Children

“Your workshop is very engaging in a positive way always. Respectful of those who are introverts.” 
– Timothy, Dorcas Ministries

“The overall training allowed me to hear from other professionals in the EC [Early Childhood] field and their different strategies utilized in the classroom. I would recommend this workshop/training to anyone interested in learning about the effects of trauma and positive relationships within the community.”
– Aurelia, Exchange Family Center

“I really enjoyed the presentation. Rachel has a tone of voice that is easy to listen to. She stayed on track with the presentation and encouraged participation without it being overwhelming.”– Nancy, East Carolina University

 “Great job!! Virtual presenting is not easy and you were very engaging and changed up the format to keep the topic interesting. Appreciate you listening to how we best learn and making small groups work with those we were comfortable with.” – Erica, ECU

“Rachel is a positive person who had a difficult job to lead us in an all-day training on a Friday right before the holidays! I love how interactive she made the training. Typically I have a hard time sitting all day, but she rocked it. Great job and wonderful training!” 
– Renae, Child Care Resources

“This was excellent. The trainer was really helpful in eliciting ideas to apply concepts and to help us practice, which took a lot of energy on her part [during] this session because our energy had flagged. I found it helpful to be pushed to try my best to apply, and I also really benefited from time with my work team to begin incorporating this into our specific work.” 
– Stacey, Public School Forum of NC

"Rachel is a great presenter and I like her style of presenting material and interactive activities. I really enjoyed this training, after all. I was not looking forward to another drawn out Zoom session. Rachel, you've got an admirer.” – Abigail, Child Care Resources

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