Below is a list of prepared trainings I’ve provided many times and found to be highly effective. If you need training on a specific topic related to my areas of expertise, feel free to reach out to explore the possibility of my developing a custom training for your group.

Whether you're interested in one of the trainings described on this page or you’d like a training specifically tailored to your needs, please visit the contact page and complete the short Google form.

The trainings I offer regularly fall into four categories: Effective Communication, Evidence-Based Practice, Supporting Engagement, and Toxic Stress & Resiliency. Please see detailed descriptions below.

Effective Communication

Effective communication requires self-awareness and empathy. I help you improve your ability to communicate with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and social styles.

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based models are demonstrated by research to be more effective. I support you in thinking through which models to adopt and how to implement them to achieve desired outcomes.
Supporting Engagement
Let’s work together to expand the capacity of your team members to join with people in need to support their engagement, foster behavior change, and empower them to achieve their own goals.
Toxic Stress & Resiliency
Trauma can harm the brain and increase the risk of disease, dangerous behavior, incarceration, and early death. Let me partner with you to cultivate protective factors and build wellness skills that enhance resiliency.

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